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Please don’t become a victim to the fake security warnings advising you have numerous TROJANS / VIRUSES on your PC, ie – Windows Security  Antivirus 2016/ 2017 or PC Security etc, these are fake system security scanner programmes that pops up and modifies your system in such a away that every time you start your Laptop / Desktop the fake scanner will show results that you have threats. These are bogus antivirus screens and the fake screen (s) will ask you for your credit card details to remove the viruses. Click the NEWS TAB  for more information and examples of the fake screens. Contact Laptop Repairs Barrow for advice and we will gladly assist you.

There are many Viruses / Trojans / Malware on the internet, having a ant- virus programme will help prevent your system getting attacked by these rouge programmes. The popular Virus / Malware is the Fake Metropolitan Police virus stating your I.P. address has been located and you have visited or downloaded from certain sites such as porn sites etc, it also states if you pay through UKash a certain amount of monies, your PC will be unlocked. What ever you do, do not submit a payment its is a scam. Call us and we will help and advise you.

Remember, the silly question is the one you don’t ask!





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