Important. Please Read.

There have been many bogus cold calls targeting people stating they are from Microsoft or Windows and they state, they claim the computer owned by the person or persons have either connected to certain websites or become infected with viruses and they are pressured by rude and sometimes intimidated to allow remote access to the computer / laptop.

These calls are fraudsters and completely fake, they pressurise and ultimately pressured into paying for a service they did not require.

This is called Scareware, scaring you into something you have not done, your PC or laptop cannot be seen to run slow or infect the Internet as some callers suggest, it is impossible for someone on the internet to ascertain whether your system is running slow or infected with viruses.

We have come across this many times and people have lost a lot of money allowing these fraudsters to connect to your PC / Laptop etc.
If you have received such calls, call us for advice and we will gladly help you.

Call for free unbiased advice on 01229 227695 or 07788691619.

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